Where am I?

Where I am RIGHT NOW.

Follow along on my ride with this map.

Most of the time, this will be pretty boring and just sit at my house. But when I turn on the tracking app on my phone, you’ll get to see where I am.

If you see the bicycle at the end of a blue line, that is a recent track. When I am not moving for 24 hours, it will sit at my last known location.

Click here to view map

How does this work? You might think that it takes some sophisticated equipment to track my location as I move around. Well, sophisticated, but not uncommon. You probably have what is needed in your pocket: a cell-phone. This is powered by an App and a service provided by a company called Greenalp. When I turn on the app on my phone, it begins using the phone’s GPS and data connection to periodically report my position to the Greenalp servers. They provide the map you see embedded in this page.

I tried using Amateur Radio APRS to do this task. I invested a lot of money into it and didn’t get any reliable results, so I gave up and sold the equipment. I even have an app that takes my position from the cell phone and sends it into the Ham APRS network. No radio needed. There may be commercial devices that do similar tracking, but they require an expensive subscription.

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