For those attempting to reach me by email.

Recently, the amount of spam email I am receiving has increased dramatically. It is not just random, but an organized effort.

The advertising (product) spam all comes from a couple dozen sources. Multiple ads for various products of no interest to me originate at the same handful of sources.

The political spam is coming from pro-Trump sources, none of which observe requests to unsubscribe me. I attribute it to either retribution to my political views or part of a widespread pre-election campaign by those trying to influence the outcome.

The amount has overwhelmed my email client’s ability to filter. I am in the process of wiping and installing a fresh copy in hopes that will help.
Meanwhile, I am closing this mailbox. If you are a human and wish to reach me, please use another address. I have many.

Those who know me long enough recall this happening in the past. I stopped using my email address and switched to the current one .
I am now making that switch in reverse!

Email addresses that will reach me:

Please do not use

When things have settled down and the spam subsides, I may or may not revert back to old address. I am not deleting it and will still be able to see mail there, I am just throwing in the towel on cleaning out the spam. I won’t be looking for new email there.

Emails addresses in this post have been obscured using Javascript to prevent bots from harvesting them. If you can’t see them, that is why. Enable Javascript to see them.

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