Living in the Immaterial World

One thing about being in an unfamiliar place is there is a lot of anxiety associated with it. We do it to ourselves. We get worked into a tizzy over imagined things when there is no reason.

You hear things and see things in TV about “the big city” in general and New York specifically. But they play on our fears and are mostly unfounded. A couple of people get mugged and a city of six million gets a bad rap because we focus on that.

One of the things that comes up as an insecurity of mine is finding things – places, services, stuff I need. Just because I don’t know off the top of my head, I get nervous when I need to locate something, anything here. And it’s all unfounded.

For instance, I needed to ship something home. Where do I do that? Anxiety. Relax. Research it. Got online, I found not one, but two UPS stores on a street that I had gone down on the bus that very day. Problem solved. How to choose which one? One of them is at an intersection where I can get off the bus, go to the store, walk around the corner and get on a subway line and ride it one stop the the hospital. It was actually easier than continuing on with the bus to the end and transferring to a second bus.

I’ve just got to learn to go with it. Let it go. Que, sera, sera. Continue Reading…

Mystery solved…

If you remember me complaining about the packaging of the food in the cafeteria, then this is a followup. I figured out how to deal with multiple items, you just put a food cover over the plate, then you can set another item on top.

Here’s my salad today, on top of the entree. I even laid a bottle of soda on it’s side and had room for Oreos too.

It seems the solution to the ultra-green box is a piece of plastic. Eco-freaks, you win some, you lose some.

Day 4

Frank thumbs-up
Things continue to progress and improve. I just spent some time in Frank’s room and he’s in very good spirits, eating a second breakfast and reported that he had “pooped” Sounds silly, but after surgery, it’s a major milestone.

Frank says hello to everyone. I’ve been telling him a little about everyones well-wishes and all the work going on behind the scenes on his behalf. He has his phone and his computer, but I don’t know if he will be allowed to use it in the ICU.

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Photos of the Reconstruction

20141218_090248Breakfast table at the hotel. Yankees fans much?

20141218_191853What I had for dinner Thursday: Two delicious sandwiches.

20141219_141551Tasty Deli, I stop there every time! Below as well…


20141219_203856Christmas trees for sale on the sidewalk outside Rite Aid. Didn’t see the prices and I was afraid to ask.