When winning is losing?

I can’t believe what I just heard in the news:

McCain has said he believed the Iraq war can be won by 2013, leaving a functioning democracy there and allowing most U.S. troops to come home. [Link]

Oh my God, what is he thinking? That’s FIVE more years of a war that has degraded into a quagmire everyone is tired of after six years.

It’s ruining our economy, jacking up Gasoline prices and the cost of everything that depends on it. Five more years of us and the terrorists will have won – they will have destroyed the U.S. by destroying the economy.

Just one more item of proof that electing McCain is four more years of Dubya.

Former Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin RIP

Hon. Jimmy GriffinFormer Buffalo Mayor and long-time politician Jimmy Griffin passed away today. It’s a sad day in Buffalo.

Whether you liked him, or not you had to respect him and his honesty. You always knew where he stood, because he alway told it like it was.

Famous for his advice to citizens in the onset of the Blizzard of ’77 ’85 – to buy a six-pack and stay home – I think that would be a fitting way to remember him – buy a six-pack and hoist a few in his memory!

WordPress updated

Just a quick note that I have updated the WordPress blog software that runs this site to the latest version.

You shouldn’t see much of a difference, if any. It went well, for once. Continue Reading…

Buffalo Place & Thursday @ the Square

Once again we’re two weeks away from the first Thursday at the Square event and Buffalo Place is just getting around to letting us know who will be there. I don’t know why it’s such a big secret. I’d think that the sooner it was promoted, the better for everyone.

I’m not saying we need to know who is playing in August right now, but the first show is May 29. That’s just 14 days away. I already know who will be playing in all the bars around the square afterwards, but don’t know who will be there. Continue Reading…

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