What rock did they crawl out from under?


An actual Facebook post. Names disguised to protect the embarrassed. No further comment necessary…

Nightmare Plumbing

I’m remodeling a bathroom in my house. My daughter wants to use the room next to it as a bedroom, so it’s time to get working on it. I’m progressing slowly and trying to not get in over my head.

The facilities have not been used for some time. The sink and fixtures were quite old and had been leaking until they got so bad I shut them off. The shower/tub had been out of commission for a few years because the clean out on the drum trap had rusted out. I went into the basement one day to find water falling to the floor as my son was singing in the shower. A quick and dirty repair to try and fix it didn’t drain properly, so it’s been unused since.

Finally, the toilet started leaning to the side and I shut that off. The floor was rotting out and sagging.

Recently, I started working on it. The sink and vanity have been removed. They will be replaced with new ones. The toilet has been removed and the insides removed. I’ll rebuild it and reinstall it eventually. The toilet is not that old, maybe 15 years. Continue Reading…

End of an era

End of an Era - paper checksI closed a checking account a few days ago. It was with great reluctance, but they really left me no choice. I have had the account since I opened it in the early ’70s. At that time I also had a savings account at the same bank, the old-fashioned passbook savings account, where you brought in your book and they entered your deposits and withdrawls into your booklet. You had to bring it in to get your interest added too.

I had the savings account since my teens. It was the account the Union, Sun & Journal opened when I had a paper route. They made you set aside some money each week into an escrow account in case you didn’t pay your bill. They kept the passbook, and if you stiffed them, they took it out. If you didn’t, when you quit, it was yours. Continue Reading…

Snow in April

Snow in AprilWelcome to Spring in WNY. It snowed today. Most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon looked like this.

Try as it might, it couldn’t stick and didn’t accumulate except on the furniture. It made an interesting day, had it been just rain, it would have been depressing. But snow made it a bit interesting.

It wasn’t really cold, either. I went outside several times with just a sweatshirt and worked in my garage for a few minutes in my shirtsleeves.

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