Why a Trike? (Why not a ‘regular’ bike?)

Trike & Trailer

As I get closer to beginning my cycling escapades, I’m thinking about it all even though I’m not yet riding. So far this spring, the weather hasn’t been what I find riding weather yet. I’ve taken one short ride so far, just a couple miles, with the trailer on just to see how it handles.

So, I suppose some people may wonder why I’m riding around on a three-wheeled lawn chair instead of a “real” bicycle. Continue Reading…

Snow in April

Snow in AprilWelcome to Spring in WNY. It snowed today. Most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon looked like this.

Try as it might, it couldn’t stick and didn’t accumulate except on the furniture. It made an interesting day, had it been just rain, it would have been depressing. But snow made it a bit interesting.

It wasn’t really cold, either. I went outside several times with just a sweatshirt and worked in my garage for a few minutes in my shirtsleeves.


I haven’t been posting much here lately. Things have been keeping me busy enough that I haven’t really had much time to ponder what to put here.

One thing I’ve been really busy with has been our robotics team. I’ve posted about it here before and although there is lots more I could say about the whole program, this is the main aspect I’ve been personally involved with. Well, one of them…

Our autonomous code wiring diagram in LabView
A sample of the upper-left corner of one of four autonomous routines for the Warlocks robot. This determines what the robot does during the part of the match it operates on it’s own.
This is one corner of one of four Autonomous modes. It doesn’t even fit on the computer screen all at once. The Teleop code that runs the robot when the drivers take over is just as complex.

Continue Reading…

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