We’re home

Bobbi stands by the Bryan OH sign. (Our son is named Bryan.)We are back from our trip to Minnesota. We had a great time and extended the trip a couple of days.

We didn’t try to make the whole trip home in one leg, so we went as far as the Indiana-Ohio border and found a hotel room there. We decided to stop in Cleveland on the second leg of the trip and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bobbi had never been there. I have been there twice, yet had never really seen it as well as I wanted to either. Both times there had been as part of the FIRST Robotics regional competitions we went to. There were team socials at the Hall, but never enough time to see it all at a leisurely pace. Continue Reading…

Greetings from Minneapolis (St. Paul)

Tom and Rachel
We’re in St. Paul/Minneapolis for a wedding (my cousin, Tom Kane) and having a great time. Continue Reading…

Immigration Gumballs

For your consideration. I make no case either way. It’s just an interesting presentation.

It’s HOT!!!

Lockport WeatherBoy, I just can’t get moving today. It’s just too hot. It’s a beautiful day and I hate to waste it, but it’s so muggy and uncomfortable I just can’t get motivated to do anything. Continue Reading…

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