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Roger McGuinn

I went to a concert last night. Not my usual low-budget bar-crawl, but a real show in a real concert hall – Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College. I saw Roger McGuinn, best known as a founder of The Byrds,

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Internet Radio is about to be squeezed out of existence

Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board set new rates for internet radio to pay to play music. Acting in a way that greatly benefits the Recording Industry, who must be rubbing their hands together in glee right now counting their profits,

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Podcamp Toronto and other stuff…

I went to a conference – actually, an un-conference – a couple weeks ago in Toronto about podcasting. It was called Podcamp Toronto and was held at Ryerson University right in downtown Toronto. I had a great time, of course.

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Listening: KFI’s Tech Guy, Leo LaPorte

Yes, I listen to Leo religiously. KFI, CFRB (I could actually receive that one myself, but getting the podcast is so convenient.) This Week In Tech, Security Now… I just can’t get enough.

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