Let’s make this Claritin clear…

Claritin allergy forecast

Have you seen those allergy relief commercials where they have some guy give a weather report? He points out where the weather is clear. In the one I saw, the guy said “make sure you wear your sunscreen.”

I guess if the air pollution doesn’t kill you, the skin cancer will.

Typical Mac User…

Leo LaPorte

“Safari is a great browser. I don’t use it, I use Firefox, but in theory, it’s a great browser.”

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Skiing in Colorado

I’m spending a week skiing in Colorado, just in case you hadn’t heard already. I’m going to post a journal of the trip here just for the heck of it.

I lugged the laptop through the airports and bus ride, on the chance I’d have access to the internet, so I might as well make use of it. Almost everywhere you go you can find an open wi-fi port these days and ski towns are some of the easiest. Worst case, you have to find a Starbucks or internet cafe. I lucked out and we found open access in the condos we were staying in. It comes and goes – but when it’s on, it’s good.

Updated Friday
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April Fools

TiSP Diagram

Funniest internet April Fools Joke this year: Google TiSP Continue Reading…

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