Favorite Computer Utilities

Ninite.comI’m sharing these with you, not just for your sake, but so I can remember them when I forget the name of “that program I used to …” as I often do. I like how once I write something here I can refer back to it later. Even if it’s not so useful to you, I can use it!

Some of these programs I have mentioned here and there before. So I’m not losing it, I’m just consolidating.

PC Decrapifier Did you ever get a new computer and it had all these programs you didn’t want and never used? Trial programs that expire after thirty days then demand you buy them every 30 seconds? Stripped-down versions of the real programs you are going to install anyway? Offers to connect you to the internet through some ISP you wouldn’t be caught dead using? Of course, we all have had this experience. Some manufacturers are worse than others, but they all seem to load up your brand-new computer with a bunch of extra junk. PC Decrapifier to the rescue. Written by someone who experienced the same frustration, no doubt, it allows you to pick and choose what you want on your new computer. It’s free and safe, it only removes what you tell it to, and helps locate and identify those annoying freebies they stick on new computers.

There’s a lot more in this post so click here and Continue Reading…

Dear Volkswagon

Dear Volkswagon,

What’s up with your commercials? You don’t get to punch someone for a Tiguan. And it’s called Punch Bug, not Punch Dub.

What’s with the “dub” business anyway? Dub is a form of music, based on Reggae.

Look, it’s a childish game that we’ve all played, but your marketing department doesn’t get to change the rules to suit your ad campaign. It’s a pop culture thing, and manipulating it to suit your sales ought to be a big flop.

Leave it to Wikipedia to have the whole story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punch_buggy

And what’s up with the name Tiguan. Tiger and Iguana? Oh yeah, that’s the image I want my car to suggest…

Windows 7, here’s my idea…

I’ve been using Windows 7 for a while now on several computers and have to admit, I’m pretty happy with it, despite the fact that, even with all the hype, it’s really what Vista should have been, maybe after a service pack.

You must have seen the annoying commercials like the one above, where people seem to think that Microsoft actually listened to them and took their advice on some little nitpicky thing. Well, Microsoft, here’s My Idea (TM). Continue Reading…

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