I’m gonna be rich!!!!

That’s right, I’ve got an idea that’s a guaranteed money-maker. Please, please, don’t call and ask for a handout, I’m not rich yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

We were watching the TV news and they had a thing on the sports where a viewer writes in with a sports question. They question today? Why aren’t there female referees in professional football? Continue Reading…

We’re back!

I don’t know what happened, but this web site as well as several others I run were all broken the past couple days. Apparently, the hosting provider had some kind of failure. They’re back, except for my podcast site, and seem to be intact.

The podcast page is the worst off, though. Of course, that’s the one that’s really important to me. Somehow, a lot of the files that are part of the WordPress software that runs the blog, are gone. Thankfully, the Gallery seems to be all there. (I’d hate to restore that from my backups.)

The posts should be safe. They are in a database on a different server. If everything works right, I should just be able to reinstall WordPress and it should take off where it was. But in the meanwhile, I pointed the wnypodcast.com domain to the podcast host, Libsyn. The podcasts are accessible, but I can’t work on the main page, because it redirects to the Libsyn page and I can’t see what it is doing!

I’ve created an alternate domain for the podcast, so I can get to it, but it takes a while to set up. It’s going to be a long process, I can see.

Rainy Fourth of July

Well, after several weeks of beautiful, if not unseasonably warm, weather, we have a rainy day for the fourth. It doesn’t matter, our fireworks were Sunday. Actually, with the 4th on Wednesday, all the surrounding communities have scheduled their fireworks displays on different nights. Melissa has gone out with her friends to different fireworks shows each night.

But, I’m glad for a quiet, damp day. I’m waiting for a delivery truck from Lowes to show up and wondering if they’ll make it today. Continue Reading…

Gates vs. Jobs ‘toon

Sorry for not posting anything in so long. Here’s something to make up for it.

Jobs vs Gates

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I updated the WordPress software on my Podcast web page and it went smoothly. I’ll have to do it here as well as soon as I get time. Between Melissa’s prom (I have photos to upload…) graduation (more photos) and a couple projects around the house, things have been busy. Watch for some posts on them when I get done.

Next weekend, I’ll be traveling to the Great Blue Heron Festival again. I had a good time last year and this year, I’m going to take the camper and go in style.

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