Fat Guy Across America

Last June, a fellow decided to ride a bike across America to lose weight, get his life together, and impress his estranged wife that he loved her.

Eric Hites - Fat Guy on a Bike

Eric Hites – Fat Guy on a Bike

I heard about it very early on and followed him on Facebook and his website. It was an interesting idea and I wanted to cheer him on. After all, doing something like that has been one of my ambitions as well.

I checked daily to see how he was doing at first. I expected updates to see where he was and where he was headed. Initially, his plan was to begin in Massachusetts and travel west across the country. I wanted to know where he might pass by here and maybe go out and ride with him for a day. His plans were not very organized, but he initially thought he would pass through Pennsylvania. Okay, I could travel that far. Continue Reading…

TV Time

It’s been too long since I wrote anything here. I’ve had this desire to write reviews of TV shows for a while, so I may as well do it.

I’ll write about one days’ shows at a time. All shows that air on the same night. I’ll rank them from +5 to -5 with zero = “meh, I’m too lazy to turn it off.” Also, I will only comment on shows I have actually seen. At least half a show. There are so many I won’t even waste that much time on.

So, let’s start with Sunday. Continue Reading…

Danielle Bradbery

I was channel-flipping last night and came across The Voice and stopped to watch this one song. It completely blew me away. It is all at once what is right about The Voice and what is wrong about our American music industry.

Here you have a young woman, the youngest on this season’s show, singing a great song and obviously owning it. She was on top of her game, confident enough to enjoy every moment of it. I told my wife, if she wrote this song, she’s got it all. She didn’t, it was written by Jo Dee Messina, but I didn’t really expect an original composition.

The song was clearly targeted to a country audience. That’s what is wrong with so-called country music these days. It’s not a country song at all. It could have been arranged slightly differently and been a rock song or a ballad. But country sells, so it gets twisted into that genre. She still nailed it, though. Continue Reading…

Mark my words…

I just saw a TV commercial that I found so offensive, that I have to write about it. What was it? A Chevy Volt commercial.

What if Gasoline was so inexpensive that you never considered it’s cost? What if it came out of a spigot on the side of your house and you could top off your car’s tank every day? What if you could drive to work and fill up on your employers spigot?

That’s exactly how they are getting people to think about electric/hybrid cars.

Who are they kidding? It “fills up” every time you plug it in!

And they are getting away with it because electricity is cheap enough, compared to gasoline, that people are willing to think that way.

Continue Reading…

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