LHS robotics team finishes 3rd in world championships

The Warlocks celebrate thier win at the Newton DivisionHere’s the latest article on the Warlocks Robotics team’s success at Atlanta:

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal Online – SCHOOLS: LHS robotics team finishes 3rd in world championships.

The Warlocks, on the way to Atlanta


As I write this, I’m in a hotel room in Knoxville TN. We’re driving to Atlanta for the National FIRST Robotics competition. It’s a long drive and a long weekend once we get into the competition, so I insisted on taking it easy on the drive down. Continue Reading…

First EME, now EVE

What’s EME? E-Me? And who is Eve? And where is Adam in all this?

Ham Radio operators in Germany have announced that they have successfully bounced a radio signal off of the planet Venus and received the echo back on Earth. The round-trip that the radio waves made took about 5 minutes, which would make it hard to carry on a casual conversation!

Most people not familiar with Ham Radio don’t realize that Hams have been communicating by bouncing their signals off the moon since the 60’s. Recent contributions by computer software and digital signal processing techniques have made this even easier.
Continue Reading…

Bird Wars

Kamikaze Chicken lies next to a fragment of my vehicle's mirrorScott Leffler has had a running topic on his radio talk shows on WECK and WLVL about the “Bird Wars.” They consisted of a lot of collected anecdotes to support the theory that birds, as a species, are at war with the species of man.

Conspiracy theory? Wacko talk? You might think so. I was unconvinced. Until today, when the birds turned their fury my way and made it personal.

On the way home from dropping my daughter off to school in Sanborn, and listening to Scott’s Dialog show on the radio (Coincidence? I think not.) one of them attacked my vehicle. Continue Reading…

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