Here we go again, there’s no news, so we’ll state the obvious

Why do local TV stations treat their viewers like morons?

It’s the middle of November. The first snows came and melted a couple weeks ago. (Not here in the Miami of the North – Lockport, but down south of Buffalo, where it belongs)

Every 10 minutes, the TV starts beeping and a crawler comes on telling me what anyone with half a brain or a Farmer’s Almanac already knows: it’s going to snow. Continue Reading…

Spitzer – crazy like a Fox?

I had thought about adding my two cents to the debate over NY Governor Elliot Spitzer’s plan to license illegal immigrants, but restrained myself until now. Now that the plan has been dropped (I almost said over, but I have a feeling it’s far from over) I’ll make some observations.

  • I have felt all along that the real underlying issue wasn’t drivers licenses for non-documented persons, but whether a drivers license is proof of citizenship, i.e. for border crossings. Spitzer, in his own crazy-like-a-fox way, was making a point to the US government that if a drivers license is no longer enough proof to re-enter the country from Canada, then why require people to prove their citizenship to get one?
  • Continue Reading…

Favorite lost commercial

While thinking about favorite commercials, I remembered a Skittles commercial I saw. It was a stop-motion animation where the Skittles ran all over and made different things. Things like a merry-go-round, and of course the requisite rainbow. I don’t recall many details and thought sure it would be on YouTube, but I didn’t find it.

I did find another on that is just weird enough to share. Continue Reading…

My favorite TV Commercials II

Okay, they found the formula – Beer + techno music + hot robot chicks. Put this in a loop with the Dell XPS commercial and I’m good for quite a while.

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