Blogcast Test

Yes, I said Blogcast, not podcast.

Just a test to see if a blogcast feed is going to work. Listen to my totally unprofessional blogcast below.

Irish Festival

Celtic Viking?Well, I survived another Irish Festival, this one – the Buffalo Irish Festival at The Pier. I went both Saturday and Sunday, as the bands I wanted to see weren’t all there on one day.
Saturday, I wanted to see the Glengarry Bhoys. So did my friends, Lynette and Mike. They met me there. The day went great, until later in the afternoon, when the rain came. It rained for about an hour and came down hard enough to stop everything on the main stage. We found a place under a roof to huddle for a while, then dashed over to the circus tent that held the second stage. The entertainment was still going on there, but wasn’t quite what we were waiting for. Continue Reading…

Podcasting with WordPress

I found a couple of links that explain how to set up a podcast feed with WordPress and I don’t want to lose them, so here they are.

WordPress Codex
Audio Activism

That’s all

Hello world!

Well, I’ve finally done it, I’ve entered the world of blogging. Not only that, I’ve done it my way, with my own domain, server and software.

I had tried it a while back on Chris Pirillo’s service. I tried the 30-day free trial, but let it drop. I didn’t see it as worth paying for. This is costing more, but the server cost is justified for other things on it – for instance, so it’s sort of a free ride.

Plus it’s a test-bed for some things I’m planning for the future, but more on that later.

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