What’s up today?

June 22, 2016. I am embarking on a trip along Lake Ontario headed to Webster NY. That is the location of the RDXA Field Day, a Ham Radio event that I enjoy participating in. It’s also an opportunity to camp for a weekend.

My plan at this point is to spend Wednesday night at Golden Hill State Park. Thursday will bring me to Hamlin Beach State Park. And Friday I should arrive at Webster Park for Field Day.

I’ll leave that location on Sunday, or Monday and head towards the Erie Canalway Trail at Pittsford. From there, I’ll head west until I reach Holley NY, where there is supposed to be camping at the canalside. From Holley, I will head home.

Of course all this can change as it happens depending on weather and camping site availability. I’m hoping that a cyclist wanting to just pitch a tent can be accommodated. It’s not like I’m a 40ft. motorhome…


If you’ve come to this page, you’ve probably been referred here by my APRS information.

AE2T Mobile APRS Station

This station is located on a mobile recumbent trike, a three-wheeled pedal powered vehicle.

At this time I am only testing the equipment. This page will change when I am fully operational. If you see me moving or away from home, it’s not likely to be on the bike during the winter, but come spring there might be more to see.

The APRS equipment is a Kenwood TH-D72A handie talkie with built-in TNC and GPS.

Here’s a sample of the type of map I hope to set up. This example is centered on my bike station. If you see AE2T-10, that is actually my phone being tracked here too.

Please feel free to read more about my project elsewhere on this site.