Operating System Thoughts

HTC IncredibleImagine if every computer manufacturer designed their own operating system. If you used a HP computer, you’d have to learn everything all over if you bought a Dell. It would be chaos. And it’s why Windows still is the OS of choice for the majority of personal computers. They made the OS a separate product from the hardware and enabled manufacturers to sell the hardware but with an OS that had a familiar human interface.

I’ve had my new Android phone for less than two weeks now, but I can see where the same thing is happening in the cell phone world. Of course, cell phones are more than just phones now and are approaching the point where they can do nearly anything a PC can, so it is just in time. Continue Reading…

Fall colors

The last photo I took on my old phone was this shot of the leaves along the Erie Canal in Lockport.

I decided it was time to move to the current state-of-the-art in phones and get a smartphone. I ended up playing it safe and getting a HTC Incredible. Why is that safe? Because my son, Bryan, got one almost the minute they came out. He ordered one before they were in stock and waited for it to ship. Continue Reading…

Autumn is here

Mist Clouds

I drove Melissa to school today. It was a beautiful fall day, warmer than the past week or so and the rain is finally gone. I looked to the south and saw a long line of fluffy clouds. The entire rest of the sky was blue with a few cirrus clouds. These clouds stood out and I realized they weren’t ordinary clouds, they were caused by the mist from Niagara Falls!

This is something that you don’t see every day. I’m sure there is plenty of times when there is moisture in the air due to the falls, but you don’t notice it. Either there are so many other clouds in the sky, one more doesn’t stand out, or the wind is different and they don’t build up like that. The wind today was pretty steady and it kept the clouds of mist moving to the east in a long line.

I stopped near the intersection of Mapleton and Lockport Roads to take these photos. The one above is a HDR shot – a combination of three shots at different exposures that I used software to combine and enhance for the effect. Here’s a single shot, what it would look like straight out of the camera.

Mist Clouds

and another HDR shot:
Clouds of Mist

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