Why are Ham Radio Web Pages so bad?

I’ve been digging through a lot of web pages about some Ham Radio topics the past day or two. Digging is a good description, as I could use a shovel to help out.

I’ve been trying to learn a few things about APRS and Packet Radio. I’ve been away from them for a long time. Actually, I never tried APRS, but I was quite heavily into Packet at one time and APRS uses packet radio. I still have equipment that I should fire up and play around with.

But in preparation for my bike tour, I ordered a new radio that has a TNC and GPS built into it. It is supposed to be a self-contained APRS station. So I have been looking for information to prepare me to use it. Continue Reading…



Here’s a composite of three photos showing the general idea. I couldn’t twist a solar panel to fit, so you’ll have to imagine that in back!

Add the solar panel over the trailer and put my panniers on and you’ll have the picture.

The Trailer

Partner-II Aluminum Alloy Foldable Bike Trailer

Source: ActionBent Recumbent Bikes

Sunforce 50033 Kit

Source: Tiger Direct

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what I have planned for this trailer thing with a solar panel. Here’s what I’m thinking.

The trailer is similar to the BOB trailers, except with two wheels. I decided on that because of stability with the panel on top, especially in high winds.

I’ll build a superstructure out of aluminum, or maybe EMT conduit, to support the solar panel. Maybe even PVC pipe. It will lay nearly flat, but I may have some adjustment for angle. It will be mainly flat, though to reduce wind drag, although behind the bike that should be less of an issue.

Whatever I do, it will bolt/clamp on the trailer without holes. I don’t want to weaken anything by drilling unless I absolutely have to.

It will have to flip up anyway for access to the storage area below it. It comes with a bag, as does the BOB, but I’m thinking a large Rubbermaid bin, especially if one happens to fit nicely. They show several on the manufacturer’s web site. Continue Reading…


I’ve recommended a few computer utilities here before, but I just had an experience with one that I must share with you because it was so positive.

The program is simply called Unlocker 1.9.0. I had earlier versions of it on another computer and the last time I used it, it popped up a message informing me there was a new version of it available for download.

First, let’s talk about what it is and what it might do for you.
Continue Reading…

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