Why PC people hate Macs (one more reason)

Why do PC users hate Mac users? Is it the Mac people’s smug self-righteous attitude that they must know better than 95% of the computer users? Is it because they think they are Sooooo…. smart for choosing an overpriced piece of artsy hardware? Or is it because the PC users are tired of being told how easy it is to use a Mac (fallacy) and that PC’s are so hard to use, never work right, and are always crashing?

Well, if a Mac is so easy to use; if anyone can fire up a Mac and do anything, why do I always have to look at web pages where they can’t get a friggin’ apostrophe right?

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A Thought for the shopping season

Well, that’s what it really is. It isn’t the Christmas season. They only call it that to justify it. But it really is the season where retail and consumer spending is whipped like a racehorse into a frenzy by the media.

Story of Stuff

I came across this site (Adam Curry played some of it on his Daily Source Code podcast) and it gave me pause. It’s really something to think about before you go out and blow a wad on Christmas shopping just because they tell you to. It’s called The Story Of Stuff. I hate to send you away from this site, but go and check it out, it’s worth it. It’s an interesting presentation, complete with Flash video. Really good. Thought-provoking as well.

Mortgage Crisis Bailout coming?

I’m reading that the government is thinking about a freeze on interest rates for those who are facing a big increase of their variable-rate mortgages. The plan is to force banking institutions into moving these people to other mortgages.

Millions of low-rate mortgages were issued and are about to kick in with the higher rates spurring fears of a drove of defaults. So the Feds and bankers are looking for a program to help these people out.

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Another favorite commercial

Among the glut of disgusting, terrible, greed-inspired, cash-in-on-Christmas commercials that have reached an all time low, there is the occasional highlight. This one tickled my funnybone.


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