Do you like music?

I do. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. In fact, while we may disagree about what particular type of music we like, I would find someone who doesn’t like any music weird.

Zen V PlusI sometimes listen to music when I can’t get to sleep. I have a small MP3 player that I plug some tiny earbuds into and relax while listening. I put it on shuffle and lie there amazed by the random mix I get. It’s seldom produces any jarring transitions and sometimes plays songs that go together better than I could arrange them if I tried myself. Of course, the first part of the formula is that the only songs on the player are songs I like, otherwise I wouldn’t have put them there.

This is the second Zen V Plus I’ve owned. I left one in a hotel room once and was kicking myself so bad, that I went online and searched another one out. Even back then, it was an obsolete model and I had to go through third party sellers to get one. But I like the small size. It’s like a fat book of matches. And it’s pretty easy to put music on it. I don’t use special software anymore. It shows up in Winamp (another lost cause) and is easily loaded from there. Continue Reading…

End of an experiment

Street Machine GT

Imagine riding a regular bike with your feet crossed over the handlebars and your fingers entwined behind your head. That’s what riding this is like.

Goodbye Streetmachine. I really wanted to love you. I pictured myself gliding along on you like a bird in the wind. I could hear the comments as I passed people: “Wow, what a cool bike!” “What is that?” I imagined effortlessly keeping up with the other two-wheel riders on their diamond frames.

But it wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Continue Reading…

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