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  1. Lu says:

    Hey are you interested in selling your LED bike pole? Great job building it! I am just not that crafty.
    Thank you! Lu

  2. I built and sold probably 50 of them. But it’s too late, I’m done and won’t be making more.

    I got a lot of criticism from people who thought they were too expensive, or the color choices were “illegal.”

    I had a guy follow me around on Facebook Marketplace posting links to other LED strips that were cheaper. The were, but they were not as good. He wouldn’t stop leaving those comments on a sales group that was supposed to be no comments, just questions about the product. I deleted the listing and re-posted it, but he kept doing it. So, when I was done selling what I had made to the many people who didn’t think they were too expensive, I quit.

    As for the color issue, some people thought that one color or another should not be used. They would say blue was reserved for police cars, or only red should be used in the rear. To them, I say, it is not a tail light. It is a decoration. If my decoration keeps me from getting hit, what is wrong with that?

    So, sorry, but you are too late.

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