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Commentary on music I enjoy, especially the local Buffalo area bands and shows I get to see.

Do you like music?

I do. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. In fact, while we may disagree about what particular type of music we like, I would find someone who doesn’t like any music weird. I sometimes listen to music when I can’t

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Danielle Bradbery

I was channel-flipping last night and came across The Voice and stopped to watch this one song. It completely blew me away. It is all at once what is right about The Voice and what is wrong about our American

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Freddie Mercury

above: Google Doodle commemorating Freddie Mercury. Captured and converted to Flash using BBFlashback Express.

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This Profile No Longer Exists

Is the party over for MySpace? Is the exodus beginning? Has Facebook killed it off? Maybe. MySpace hasn’t been ‘cool’ for a while now. Not that long ago, though, it was the place to be to make friends and keep

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