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Commentary on music I enjoy, especially the local Buffalo area bands and shows I get to see.

A Christmas Present

Finally, some Christmas music that’s good and not the 20 songs your local radio station has been playing over and over since Halloween, thanks to Falalalala.Com 2010 Adventure In Carols by Falalalala on Mixcloud

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A Christmas Carol

Carol called. She said don’t blame this on her…

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Seriously, now some good Christmas videos

Someone went to a lot of trouble to collect these. I just found this site yesterday, when I got a tweet from Robby Takac about a Shonen Knife Christmas song there. I love this collection. You can play one after

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Lockergnome Christmas

Okay, if Chris Pirillo alone isn’t enough to traumatize you, try this … Not much music, but truly bad video courtesy of Jib-Jab who have a real talent for that.

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