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Last Fall – Albany to St. Johnsburg & back

On the eve, well week before the 2014 GAP trip, posted this video from last fall’s trip. Watch closely and you’ll see a bit of me in it. I’ve cancelled out on the spring GAP trip due to a

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Bikepacking 2014

Well, it’s Spring 2014, even if the weather has been reluctant to let go of winter, and it’s time to start planning the cycle touring for the season. It’s been on my mind a lot, but the weather hasn’t been

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Bikepacking the Erie Canal

Oh, the E-ri-e was risin’ and the Gin was gettin’ low. I scarcely think we’ll get a little drink until we get to Buffalo…

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Greenbriar trail

Just a quick message from the Greenbriar Trail in WV. Four days of biking and camping start now!  …and finished after two. I enjoyed the night camping and it was great to meet my friends again, but by noon on

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