Frank’s Really steps in it when it comes to the dressing

Local news erupted in horror recently when Frank’s Red Hot sauce tweeted that Ranch Dressing was appropriate dressing to go with “Buffalo Wings.”

Franks Red Hot tweet

It was immediately pounced upon by the Buffalo media and followers.
WGRZ and The GUSTO section of the Buffalo News

Of course, runny Ranch Dressing just isn’t up to the job of replacing real Bleu Cheese dressing, as one tweeter recounted that his wife put out some ranch dressing at a superbowl party, and no one touched it.

But this is a long time pet peeve of mine. There are so many things wrong here that I have to set the record straight.
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Trump Therapy

It helps to know we are not in it alone!

Thanks, world!

Situation Wanted

This post was written in 2012, but I never published it. I don’t know why. It’s just as true today.

I’ve decided after several years of retirement that I need to get a job.

I’m not sure what kind of a job I need or want.

Let’s put it this way, I don’t want a career. Nor am I looking for anything too challenging. Actually, collecting carts at a supermarket seems nice, if it pays enough to make it worth getting out of bed for.

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OMG! It’s been a month

…since I last posted here.

What have I done since then? Let’s see. The robotics team has built another robot. I got my Director’s number on the Geratol Net. I’ve gotten a month older…

That’s about it.

The WarlocksThe robot for 2012 is done and looking good. We had relatively few problems programming it, though not totally problem-free, less than last year. The kids doing our programming are doing a great job and what we have is truly a joint project with us all putting our heads together to come up with working code. We looked good at the Penfield scrimmage a couple of days before the end of the build season. Two days of practice and fine-tuning at the Kenan center after that got things really humming. Continue Reading…

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