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If it’s (supposed to be) funny, it goes here

Trump Therapy

It helps to know we are not in it alone! Thanks, world!

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Situation Wanted

This post was written in 2012, but I never published it. I don’t know why. It’s just as true today. I’ve decided after several years of retirement that I need to get a job. I’m not sure what kind of

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OMG! It’s been a month

…since I last posted here. What have I done since then? Let’s see. The robotics team has built another robot. I got my Director’s number on the Geratol Net. I’ve gotten a month older… That’s about it. The robot for

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Facebook and You

Found on Facebook… Wow! Has Facebook ever riled people up?!? All you see today is complaints about some changes they made and announcements/stories about changes they have just announced.

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