Internet Fad of the Week

Tom is my Friend

I got a friend request from a Shy Guy Shawn on MySpace today. I got a kick out of it right away because the whole site was nutty. So nutty, you had to like it.

But when I saw the friends list made of all Toms, at first I thought it was another joke. I thought he had doctored Tom’s picture and made a fake friends list. So I did what naturally would come next – I clicked on one of them.

To my surprise, it went to another MySpace page for the variant Tom. I looked in that friends list and it was even more Toms. The joke just got even better. Continue Reading…

Why we love Dell Computers, really….

Blogging 101 – Q & A

Part 7, the final piece of the Blogging 101 seminar. The audience asks the panelists some questions.

Blogging 101 – Chris Smith

Part 6 from the Blogging 101 conference. Chris Smith, Buffalo Geek of

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