A Tale of Two Commuters

Meet Joe and Bob. Both live in Suburbia, a nice bedroom community where they enjoy the amenities of suburban life. They both work at an office in Big City and commute each day to their jobs. Continue Reading…

Let’s see if this works

Canal Fest

Okay, lets try a test post with a photo embedded. I uploaded this photo from Canal Fest to Photobucket and copied the link. A little HTML and it should show up!

An interesting way to do this

I finally figured out how to make a post to this blog from my phone using email.

WordPress has always had a way to do that, but I never could get it to work.

I spent some time tonight working on it and got it to check the email account, but it only got the titles, no body.

I finally found a plugin, Postie, that works, mostly. If this post makes it, it works.

It should allow me to post photos, but while testing it, it fails because the server runs out of memory. That’s pretty common on this shared server.

But I should be able to put in links, so I can work around that.

Bike Route 517

I recently found more information about NY bike Route 517. Apparently, after a couple of years, they finally got around to adding it to their website.

State Bicycle Route 517 is a signed on-road bicycle route that extends 90 miles from the Pennsylvania State Line near Jamestown to the Hamlet of Olcott. This route connects with Pennsylvania State Bicycle Routes , the NYS Canalway Trail and the NYS Seaway Trail It also intersects with State Bicycle Routes 5 and 17.

Route 517 signYou may have seen these signs around and wondered what they meant. Or not. They are easy to miss. The Bike Route 5 signs have been here for a long time along Route 31 in this area, and some information about them was found online, but the 517 and others were a mystery. I wrote here about it a while back.

So, having found some real, official information about this route, I decided to ride it the other day and see what kind of a bike route it was. I had already formed some opinion on it just from my own knowledge of some of the roads I had seen the markers on, but kept an open mind as I headed out from the northern end of BR 517 where it begins, in Lockport, about a block from where I live.

[Photos to be updated soon] Continue Reading…

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