Fall is undeniably here

It’s rained here in Lockport the past few days. Not as much as Buffalo and some of the suburbs got, but enough to make for a very noticeable change in the seasons. While we were enjoying sunshine and 70-80 degree temperatures only a week or two ago, now it’s in the 50’s and cloudy most of the day. Maybe it’s the clouds, or maybe it really is autumn, but the days sure seem shorter too.

Today was pretty much rain-free and I took the opportunity to do my walk to the Post Office and back. I wandered a bit, but not really any new territory. I did take along the Canon Rebel xti and took some photos that should be better than those I took with the cell phone.

Four Sided ClockI wanted to revisit a few of the photos I took in the last bunch. This is the other, actually the original, four-sided clock tower in Downtown Lockport. It used to be in front of the Marine Midland Bank office, but that now is used as a satellite campus to NCCC. Kiddie-corner to it was the Manufacturers and Traders Bank (M&T) which held the famous Raphael Beck mural. The building is still there, but I don’t know what it is used for.

This clock is quite old. In fact, I remember it being old when I was a kid and having to be repaired at one point. The insides were removed and the clock sat empty for quite a while while it was rebuilt. It sands at the corner Main and Pine Streets, not far from the canal locks.

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Walking Photo #9A

Well, I haven’t been out for a walk in a few days and have just about run out of photos. But I don’t want to leave you hanging on the last set of pictures.

The clock is a fairly recent addition to downtown Lockport. By fairly recent, I mean, if you moved away you probably won’t recognize it. If you live here, you probably have seen it, but are not really sure when it was put in. I know I am not sure how it got to be there. It may have been part of the street work when they added the median down Main Street a few years ago.

The ornate clock sits in a traffic island at the corner of Main Street and Locust Street/Market Street where there is a right turn lane from the east on Main that turns into Market. It creates a little island right in front of the building that houses the Department of Motor Vehicles and some other county offices.

That’s another thing those ex-pat Lockportians might miss. The DMV used to be over on Hawley Street and Park Ave. The little statue of the Faun playing the flute sits in front of the building. The entrance to the DMV, of course, is in back, next to the parking lot. We wouldn’t want anyone willing to pay the steep NY fees for a automobile license or drivers license to have to walk a few steps to the front of the building, would we?

Anyway, I’ve been busy the past few days. Fixing the clothes dryer. Fixing Ham Radio antennas. This and that, but haven’t gone for any walks about town. I’m sure it won’t be too long before I have the urge again…

Walking Photo 9

ClockA little late today…

A clock stands on a pole reminding us of the time. It’s not the only 4-sided clock in downtown.

Flute statueA little ways away, this floutist plays as if time stands still. Where am I?

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Walkabout photo 8

A bench for friendsHave you enjoyed these photos? I know I have. I haven’t got out for a couple of days, but I have a backlog to keep this going. I don’t know if I can keep doing them daily, but certainly, occasional photos are a real possibility.

This bench is in a prominent location in Downtown Lockport. For me, it’s a handy spot to stop and rest when I walk from home to the Post Office (new, not old!) to pick up my mail. Oh, I don’t tire out that easily, but my back is usually sore by then and a couple minutes sitting gets it back in shape.

I don’t know the story behind the bench. The inscription mentions two friends. Perhaps they hung out here, a few steps away from what used to be the entrance to an “underground” place.

It’s also in front of what was once the first location of a bank that now has 113 branches. It’s changed it’s name several times, but I used to have a savings account there when I was a kid.

So where is this bench and what is the building it is next to?

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