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LED Pixel Pole lights for bicycle flagpoles.

What’s a Pixel Pole? It’s an eye-catching bicycle flag pole covered in Neopixel LEDs that flash in a number of attention-grabbing patterns.

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Another Arduino Project

So, if flags are meh, but lights are good, why not fill a flagpole with lights? Challenge accepted.

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Because I can…

Temperature is indoors, in fact sitting where the fan blows hot air out of my laptop, although, I am starting with testing outdoors. Also, sometimes the breadboard system is running, other times, the final prototype is reporting in. You might

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Big fuss over a little jack

You might not realize it, but I’m not a big fan of Apple products. (Go ahead, that’s a joke, you may laugh here.) It’s not that they aren’t sometimes good. Some are excellent, though overpriced, but others are just so-so.

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