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Complaints, pet peeves and general observations about my job.

Leap into 2009

Did you feel it? Did you get just a little bit more done today? A few minutes ago, at 6:59:60 pm local time, an extra second was added to the calendar. That’s right, after second #59, there was #60, then

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Lockport Sign Ordinance – Ticky Tacky?

The efforts of Lockport’s City Fathers to pass a sign ordinance regulating what businesses can and can’t have for a sign reminds me of the Malvina Reynolds song Little Boxes: Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky

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Delphi Bankruptcy One Year Anniversary

The Hyundai job post reminded me of the article the Lockport Journal had on the weekend about the Delphi Bankruptcy Anniversary. It was the typical Lockport paper puff-piece. Said nothing new, asked no hard questions and avoided the real issues

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Where are all the automaking jobs going?

Apparently, down south.

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