Apparently, down south.

The back page of todays’ Lockport Journal has a full-page ad touting Alabama and Hyundai. It has two huge photos, one of a golfer hitting a drive on an idyllic golf course. The other is of a modernistic looking building, which turns out to be a Hyundai assembly plant.

The gist of the ad seems to be that life is good in Alabama and part of the reason why is that Hyundai is there. It’s a thinly-veiled job recruitment ad for Hyundai. They don’t just say “come on down, we’ve got jobs for you.” But if you read between the lines, or if your interest is piqued enough to follow the web link, you can find job application instructions.

Of course, they aren’t just asking for entry-level people either. If you have a maintenance trade skill, they want to hear from you and there is a special page for that. But probably anyone with manufacturing experience would at least get a look through the regular channels too.

The ad is obviously aimed at all the recent and near-future Delphi departees, whether they be early retirements, or buy-outs.

They probably hope to pick up some people who didn’t want to quit working at Delphi yet, but felt the time was right to bail out. Those who got a GM transfer are committed there, but a lot of people didn’t take that option and are free to shop around. Compared to being a greeter at Wally-World, or stocking shelves at the local Home-Despot, or flipping burgers, it has a lot to offer, especially to the younger ones.

As for second careers, Real Estate might not be the wisest. Homes are going to be taking a beating here with all the people leaving…

I wonder what would happen if a few dozen people cut this ad out and sent it to their representatives in Albany, and asked why companies aren’t building plants like that here.