Pick for Independance Week

This week’s summer concert lineup comes to us as follows:

Tue.: Artpark - America w/ Stacy Clark
Wed.: Gateway Park - Jonesie & the Cruisers, Nickel City Pimp Choir
Thurs.: Lafayette Square - Ed Kowalczyk (No opener listed)
Fri.: Lockport - Our Lady Peace w/ Jimmy Gnecco of Ours, The Incurables
Fri.: Gateway Harbor - Backbeat 64
Sat.: Hard Rock Cafe - Gord Downie, Joshua James, Alison Pipitone

and it looks like a great warm-up to Independance Day! Continue Reading…

Rain, rain, go away

I am such a wuss. Just a threat of rain and I won’t go for a bike ride. I finally got out for a ride this week, even though I had been wanting to do so since Monday.

out in the countryI took Sunday off after the all-night Relay For Life. I got home at 6:30am Saturday and slept until 2:00pm. I felt pretty good, but it had been so humid that I had gotten chafed all over … well places I won’t mention in polite company. Monday I had some excuse not to ride. Tuesday it was rainy for most of the day. Wednesday looked like rain, but it never did until late at night. I should have gone riding, but instead opened up the tent/trailer/pop-up and aired it out. I took a lot of stuff out of it that we had stored inside.

So, today I really needed to go for a ride. It rained all night and part of the morning, but by noon it looked like it was all past us. A lot of fluffy clouds were going by and it was breezy, but the weather radar online assured me no more was in the works. Continue Reading…

This weeks pick

The Funky Beets

The summer free concert events are ramping up with Lockport’s Canal Concert series kicking off as well at the first of several Buffalo waterfront concerts in the Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor series. Let’s see what we have:

Tuesday – Artpark – Jimmie Vaughan & the Tilt-A-Whirl Band
Thursday – Lafayette Square – Martin Sexton, Ryan Montbleau Band
Friday – Buffalo Place Rocks The Harbor – moe., Keller Williams
Friday – Lockport Canal Concerts – Rusted Root, The Funky Beets, The Ragbirds
Saturday – Buffalo Place Rocks The Harbor – moe., Donna The Buffalo

There are some tough choices here. You’d better clear your calendar and try to make more than one! Continue Reading…

Bike taillight review

While outfitting my new bike, I had to choose a taillight for nighttime use, or in case I get caught out at dusk. I’ve always used a blinking LED taillight in the past and they are pretty good at getting you seen in the dark. The flashing LEDs really stand out. But this time I wanted a little more because the recumbent is so low to the ground and might not be recognized as a moving object in the dark.

I had seen some lights that were really bright, so much so that they are actually of use in the daytime. I went in search of one online. It’s really hard to get real information about how bright these really are. You can see photos or watch YouTube videos, but because cameras adjust to the light available, they all look blindingly bright individually. Only side-by-side comparisons are useful. They’re hard to find, though.

Typical generic tail light Typical generic LED tailight You’re probably familiar with lights that look like this. I’ve had dozens of them in the past and recently threw away a bunch that had quit working and couldn’t be revived by new batteries. Some are good quality, others are cheap knock-offs, but they’re all about as bright as the other. I bought four of them a while ago for $1.25 each at a flea market. Continue Reading…

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