Things I learned watching TV

While watching TV, I’ve learned a few things. No, not from the programs I watch, but from the commercials that we’re hammered with every six-eight minutes. Here’s a few:

October is Ford Truck month. (So was September and so will November be…)

Today’s a great time to buy a new car. (Anytime is a great time, if you’re a car salesman.)

Mac Guy isn’t impressed with PC’s promises about Windows 7. (But forgets that people are having trouble with Snow Leopard.)

25-28mpg is a big deal to some car companies. (Didn’t we get 33mpg from a VW Beetle back in the 70’s?)

Erectile Dysfunction drugs can cause a “sudden drop in blood pressure.” (Yet, some blood pressure medicines cause ED. Maybe they should just give Cialis or Viagra for hypertension?)

If hurt, I should call Dewey, Cheatham and Howe* Attorneys. (I’d much rather call them ambulance-chasers or shysters.) * Not a real law firm. I changed the name because I don’t want to be sued. Of course, someone named Dewey, Cheatham, or Howe might sue me for calling them a lawyer…

Getting there

… is half the battle. Finally, I’m getting to near where I want to be with my Ham Radio studio.

I found a picture of my old operating desk. This is a very early shot of it. For most of the recent time, it’s been sitting turned 90 degrees from what is shown. I guess I wanted to unblock the window! The equipment changed, but mostly, that is the desk I tore apart a month ago.

But it also was piled high with stuff. Unfinished projects, papers I needed to save, magazines I wanted to keep, computer stuff, tools, and on and on. You get the mental picture, even if I don’t have one.

Now that I think about it, this photo might just be pre-computer. It’s hard to think of Ham Radio without computers anymore. Continue Reading…

Walking photo 11

GazeboA Gazebo sits alone here. I don’t know if it ever gets used for anything, in fact, the whole area is usually pretty deserted.

I won’t keep you waiting to see where this is. It’s not really a mystery, anyway. Continue Reading…

Walking photo 10

BricksA little memorial sits next to the Erie Canal. I walk by it frequently, in fact, technically, it’s on the same street I live on. Click on the photo for a bigger view.

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