GazeboA Gazebo sits alone here. I don’t know if it ever gets used for anything, in fact, the whole area is usually pretty deserted.

I won’t keep you waiting to see where this is. It’s not really a mystery, anyway.

Photo opNext to it stands this sign with cutouts for people to insert their faces for a photo. There is another one similar to it down at the Canal Museum.

Canal StreetBoth these sights sit in a lot about in the middle of this street. The street? Canal Street, but most people know it as Richmond Ave.

The whole street has been cleaned up and renovated by the city in an effort to improve the area for tourism as part of the Erie Canal Locks. They’ve done a nice job as far as it has gone, but at this point most of it is empty and vacant. It looks better than the run-down buildings that used to be there. Some were torn down, the rest fixed up. But politics and other controversy have kept them from being utilized for more than a information center.

Faux StoresThese buildings have been fixed up, but are vacant. They’ve put phony signs in the windows to make them look like period shops.

The Erie Canal Locks from the north sideThis is the view from the north side of the canal looking out at the locks. Most photos show it from the other side.