Dear Religious Nut Job

God Hates USAIs there something about me, something about the way I look, or a mark on my face, the way that I walk, that says I am a heathen? That says I am in need of salvation?

Is it just me or do those people standing on street corners and at every public event think we all are headed straight to Hell? That their little tract will make a difference and send us on the straight and narrow?

If you’re one of those people, let me tell you with love in my heart, not anger, that you really piss me off. You don’t know me. You don’t take the time to get to know me and learn my religious views or background, yet you make a judgement that I need your saving. That your beliefs are correct and mine are not. That I cannot possibly be saved from eternal damnation without your assistance. Continue Reading…

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…

God Hates Signs
Is it just me, or do other people find it irritating to be approached by those people pushing scripture at outdoor concerts? We’ve all seen them, standing on the street corners with their signs, trying to yell over the music.


I usually ignore them, but last week here in Lockport, I ran into an especially pushy woman who just wouldn’t take no for an answer when I wouldn’t accept one of her tracts.

Why must they mar an enjoyable time with their preaching? Who are they trying to reach? Do I look like I need their religious assistance? How do you tell by how someone looks?

I mean, this isn’t some pagan third-world country. 90% of the people here were raised in some sort of Christian religion and have, by the time they reach adulthood, found their way to whatever beliefs suit them. These people have nothing new to tell anyone, in fact, they’re pretty much literal Bible-believers, so they have nothing we haven’t all heard before. Continue Reading…

Summer Winding Down. Pick of the week.

Let’s hear it for the Summer of 2010, it’s not gone yet, but it’s getting close. School is just around the corner for those young enough and things are winding down. Labor Day is only a couple weeks away. Thursday at the Square and the Molson Canal Concerts are done, but a few good shows are left and a couple festivals to finish things off with a bang.

Big Sugar - Kelly Hoppe
From Big Sugar

Last week’s Canal Concert with Big Sugar was, in my opinion, the best of the season. I was happy with the opening acts, but Big Sugar stole the show with a outstanding set. As I warned you, they were LOUD! but gave a great performance with songs representing all of their catalog. They really fed off the audience’s energy and fed it back in a long show going to at least 10:30pm.

The attendance was somewhat lower than the previous week. I don’t know why, maybe weather uncertainties, or other events, but a very respectable sized crowd nonetheless. It was a fitting turnout for the band without being excessively crowded and I got some good photos. I put my earplugs in and moved up as people were moving back because of the loudness!

Here’s next week’s lineup:

Monday: Artpark - Sara Evans, Amanda Nagurney
Tuesday: Artpark - The Trews, Aqueos
Tuesday: Gateway Harbor - No Excuses, Hit N Run
Friday: Artpark Main Stage ($) - Bachman-Turner
Friday: Pine Ave. Pavillion - Amanda Nagurney, Mason-Dixon Band 
        (7-9pm Niagara Falls)
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: Hamburg Fairgrounds - Buffalo Irish Festival
Saturday: Ulrich City Center (Lockport) - NYS Rock & Blues Fest - 
       Savoy Brown, Square Circle Triangle, Terranova Band, Wanted By The FBI, 
       Flyin' Blind Blues Band, more
Saturday-Sunday: Elmwood Ave. Festival of the Arts - 3 stages, over 20 bands 
       each day! Plus the festival!

Continue Reading…

Mid-August, you Pick!

Jeremy Hoyle Band
Boy, I’m late getting started on this, even by Al time, so here’s the schedule, you pick your own best show. (I know, that’s what you do anyway, I just try to give you a little more info to do that each week.)

[Left: Jeremy Hoyle Band/Strictly Hip at Finnans in 2006]

Tuesday: Artpark: Foreginer, Free Henry!
Wednesday: Artpark: Sloan, David Nolf
Wednesday: Gateway Harbor: Dreamland and That ’80s Hair Band
Friday: Gateway Harbor: Bleeding Hearts
Friday: Canal Concerts Lockport: Big Sugar,  Johnny Nobody,
                          Beggar's Best, Jeremy Hoyle Band 
Saturday: Amherst Scottish Festival (Amherst Museum): 
     ($10 admission to festival)
     Penny Whiskey, Celtic Circle Ceilidh Band, Stone Row, 
     Harpbeat, Hobson's Choice,  Step in Time, more

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