Jeremy Hoyle Band
Boy, I’m late getting started on this, even by Al time, so here’s the schedule, you pick your own best show. (I know, that’s what you do anyway, I just try to give you a little more info to do that each week.)

[Left: Jeremy Hoyle Band/Strictly Hip at Finnans in 2006]

Tuesday: Artpark: Foreginer, Free Henry!
Wednesday: Artpark: Sloan, David Nolf
Wednesday: Gateway Harbor: Dreamland and That ’80s Hair Band
Friday: Gateway Harbor: Bleeding Hearts
Friday: Canal Concerts Lockport: Big Sugar,  Johnny Nobody,
                          Beggar's Best, Jeremy Hoyle Band 
Saturday: Amherst Scottish Festival (Amherst Museum): 
     ($10 admission to festival)
     Penny Whiskey, Celtic Circle Ceilidh Band, Stone Row, 
     Harpbeat, Hobson's Choice,  Step in Time, more

It’s hard to believe, but the Thursday at the Square shows put on by Buffalo Place are already over. It is just me, or didn’t they go until September in the past? But they had some geat shows this year and more Rocks The Harbor shows on the weekends than ever before.

As far as local bands, Free Henry! get’s their shot at Artpark today. Well worth seeing again, if you caught them at the Hard Rock recently. I had them on my podcast a few years ago and they are even better now.

David Nolf is new to me, but sound really good on his web page. If you’re going to see Sloan, be sure to get there early and check him out. you won’t be sorry.

The Bleeding Hearts have a web site, but I still really came away not knowing much about them. I did learn that there is an interesting Rock/Punk band in North Carolina with the same name and that Roger Waters had a band called The Bleeding Heart after he left Pink Floyd. It really is true, all the good band names are taken…

But for local music fans, Friday’s Molson Canal Concert in Lockport is a treasure trove with three great local bands.

Johnny Nobody, Beggars Best and Jeremy Hoyle Band are all some of my favorite area bands. Johnny Nobody and Beggars Best are hard-rocking bands that should get the crowd pumped. The Jeremy Hoyle Band, a band that impressed me years ago at one of the North Tonawanda concerts can be great. They frequently play local bars as “Strictly Hip” or “Toby Live!” and are a great cover band, but really shine when they bring out their original material. I hope they do for this show!

I’m a Big Sugar fan, so you can guess which show I’m going to try to be at this week. I remember Big sugar playing pretty regularily around Buffalo years ago, but was sad when they broke up. I saw half of the band as Grady in Buffalo a while back and they were absolutely the LOUDEST band I’ve ever heard. They played an outdoor stage and literally cleared out a space in front of the stage for a couple hundred feet as people moved back. It was ear-bleeding loud, but great music! Be prepared for anything at this show: bring earplugs!

For a change of pace, try the Amherst Scottish Festival being held Saturday at the Amherst Museum. Food, Highland Games, exhibits and lots of Celtic music make it well worth the small admission. Hours are 9-5, so get there early and make a day of it.

Photo from last week’s Canal Concert: Jamie Moses Band ft. Michael Hund

From Jamie Moses Band