Greenbriar trail

Al, Jeff, Paul, Bob

Al, Jeff, Paul, Bob

Just a quick message from the Greenbriar Trail in WV. Four days of biking and camping start now! 

…and finished after two.

I enjoyed the night camping and it was great to meet my friends again, but by noon on Friday, it was apparent that I had grossly misjudged the trail.

The majority of the Greenbriar Trail is a gravel double-track with grass in the middle and sides. Think of a set of tire tracks left by a truck. No matter what I did, I was always riding with at a minimum of two, and often four, wheels in the grass. Gravel is enough of a handicap, but that was too much. Continue Reading…

Recumbent riding on a diet

Yes, my ride is going on a diet, from three wheels to two. I’m now the proud owner of a 2003 HP Velotechnik Street Machine GT.

Street Machine GT

The new bike HP Velotechnik Street Machine GT

I’ve wanted to have a two wheeled recumbent since the beginning when I bought my trike. I actually thought I’d get a two-wheeler when I bought the trike, but got caught up in the go-cart fun-ness of the trike. It was not a bad decision, it’s been a great ride and is still my go-to ride for touring. And a trike has almost no learning curve, unlike a two-wheeled ‘bent. Continue Reading…

The next bike light

Cateye Reflex AutoI’ve written several times about bicycle lighting on this blog. You may have read them, if not you can go back and see what I wrote.

As with most technology, it is moving forward every year, and bicycle lights are no exception. I’m currently waiting for the arrival of a new tail light for my trike.

The Cateye Reflex Auto is the newest addition to my lighting stable. It’s not the best, or the most expensive bike tail light, but it represents a significant step forward in bike lights for a few reasons. Continue Reading…

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