above: Google Doodle commemorating Freddie Mercury. Captured and converted to Flash using BBFlashback Express.

I guess this needs a little explanation. I had posted just the video here, but people are asking me what it meant.

I collect the Google Doodles, those little graphic pieces they use to celebrate various holidays and anniversaries. I know, there is a page you can go to and see them all, but I still save them. Most are just JPEG pictures and are easy to copy. Lately, though they have been using some more complex and interactive methods.

I think the first one I saw (that was more then just a jpeg) was the Pac-Man game where you could actually play the game. Well, since every game is different, it doesn’t make much sense to record it. I wish I could save the program that plays the game, but there’d probably be some problems with doing that.

The next one was the Les Paul commemorative where you could pluck the strings on a Google-logo and the sounds would play. I did capture a few seconds of my plucking, but again, there’s little point in that; the code that makes it work would be more satisfying.

So, the recent Freddie Mercury animation was a no-brainer. The only interaction was the click to play. Other than that, it was the same experience every time and therefore save-able.

I wasn’t a big fan of Queen. I remember liking their songs when I heard them on the radio, but didn’t know much more about them. I don’t think I even knew Freddie Mercury was gay until he was near death.

I saved the video because my son liked it and I thought it would be nice to preserve. Watching it, I’m sure I don’t get the significance of much of it. I did go to YouTube and watch a bunch of videos about Queen and Freddie Mercury. I started to see bits and pieces of them that were in the Google piece.

So that’s why it’s here. No other message. Just the enjoyment and admiration of the Google Doodle meme.