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What if they told us the truth about electric cars?

What if everything ran on gas? I’ve got news for you, everything DOES! Maybe you saw the Nissan commercial with the appliances powered by dirty, smoky gasoline engines. If not, here it is: The presumption is that if those are

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Holiday, Oh, Holiday

I get a kick out of this commercial, which I first heard on the radio, then saw it on TV. It’s a happy-sappy commercial with catchy music that goes “Holiday, Oh a Holiday and the best one of the year.”

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Undercover Boss

One of the shows I have been DVR-ing and watching pretty regularly is CBS’s Undercover Boss. The first show I saw had so much promise. It was the episode featuring a CEO of Hooters. When he found a manager who

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Dear Volkswagon

Dear Volkswagon, What’s up with your commercials? You don’t get to punch someone for a Tiguan. And it’s called Punch Bug, not Punch Dub. What’s with the “dub” business anyway? Dub is a form of music, based on Reggae. Look,

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