Dear Volkswagon

Dear Volkswagon,

What’s up with your commercials? You don’t get to punch someone for a Tiguan. And it’s called Punch Bug, not Punch Dub.

What’s with the “dub” business anyway? Dub is a form of music, based on Reggae.

Look, it’s a childish game that we’ve all played, but your marketing department doesn’t get to change the rules to suit your ad campaign. It’s a pop culture thing, and manipulating it to suit your sales ought to be a big flop.

Leave it to Wikipedia to have the whole story:

And what’s up with the name Tiguan. Tiger and Iguana? Oh yeah, that’s the image I want my car to suggest…

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3 comments on “Dear Volkswagon
  1. M. Moretti says:

    A co-worker and I have been wondering the same thing, what the heck is “punch dub”? She and her husband own a pair of vintage VW beetles that they toodle around in for fun on weekends. One is a light blue hard top, and the other is a yellow convertible. She is about our age and remembers the original game well.

    Speaking of Volkswagons, remember the ad campaign about them having “fahrvergnuegen” or something like that? They would never tell you what the word meant. I tried to look it up in a German dictionary once. All I could find is the root word is the word for “drive”.

  2. Yes, let’s make an ad campaign about a word the no one can say, no one can spell and no one knows what it means.

    Works for VW. All I know is it reminded me of Farfel, the Nestle commercial character, or else Fluffernutter. Or maybe a Fluffernutter with a big glass of Nestle Quick. I’m getting hungry…

    I owned a Beetle for a few years. I never considered how many people I caused to get punched in the arm as I drove by. Now I feel guilty. It really was a game I always got tired of fast.

  3. If someone punches you and says “Punch Dub” I believe the appropriate response is to pummel the culprit and say “That’s for being an unwitting shill to a corporate ad campaign.”

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