Let’s make this Claritin clear…

Claritin allergy forecast

Have you seen those allergy relief commercials where they have some guy give a weather report? He points out where the weather is clear. In the one I saw, the guy said “make sure you wear your sunscreen.”

I guess if the air pollution doesn’t kill you, the skin cancer will.

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One comment on “Let’s make this Claritin clear…
  1. Cathy Koloff says:

    Hey there – long time no see… Frannie sent me the link to your site a while back and I enjoy checking it to see what kinds of thoughts are running through your head these days. Glad to see that music is still a predominant brainwave pattern.

    Regarding the allergies, we live in the capital city of allergy – Tulsa, OK – where you have to take the Claritin and the Zyrtec together some months out of the year, where the pollen comes rolling across the plains thick enough to coat your car with green fuzz every morning. Kind of like teeth funk after a bad hangover…

    Anyway, I like the site… Cousin Cathy

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