Tom and Rachel
We’re in St. Paul/Minneapolis for a wedding (my cousin, Tom Kane) and having a great time.

The ride here was l….o….n….g…. like 18 hours. It was supposed to take 15, but with breaks and a flat tire in Indiana, it took a bit longer.

We drove out with my Brother and Sister-in-law and their sons. They had a flat and they had to drive on a compact spare the rest of the way. There just is no place to get a new tire in the middle of the night, even at large truck stops.

The good side of it is, no speeding tickets at <60 mph!

Here’s some photos from the Groom’s Dinner Friday night. [edit] …and more…[/edit]

I could have put them in the Gallery, but this seemed nicer.

No time to label them all. Family members will recognize a lot of the people, especially if they were there. Maybe I’ll have time to put captions in later.