Once again we’re two weeks away from the first Thursday at the Square event and Buffalo Place is just getting around to letting us know who will be there. I don’t know why it’s such a big secret. I’d think that the sooner it was promoted, the better for everyone.

I’m not saying we need to know who is playing in August right now, but the first show is May 29. That’s just 14 days away. I already know who will be playing in all the bars around the square afterwards, but don’t know who will be there.

Another thing. They tell us the headliners, but never mention the opening acts until almost right before the shows. These are the local bands that really interest me more than the headliners.

At least T@tS seems to do a better job of getting bands that are still relevant. I’m really tired of the reunion-tour, greatest-hits shows that the Canal Concerts and even Artpark seem to cater to.

Artpark released their schedule a few weeks ago. We’re still waiting for the Canal-moved-to-Lockport Concert schedule as well. And do any of these ever update their websites? Most, except Artpark, which was changing as I read it a few weeks ago, still read 2007’s dates.

Buffalo Place released their lineup today and they have been added to my calendar.