Canal Concerts Three – Nazareth, Flyin’ Blind, and who?

Flyin' Blind Fans

In some sort of promotional scheme that made no sense to me, the Canal Concert promoters put the best band of the night on first, before many fans arrived.

No, actually, it probably wasn’t their fault. Flyin’ Blind Blues Band, fronted by Lockport natives, Damien Brady and Benny Provenzano, was originally scheduled to play second after the band Switch. But due to some kind of snafu, they were asked to play first and another band, Navigator, was brought in to replace the other band. Continue Reading…

WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.6

WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.6.

I’ve updated the WordPress program to version 2.6. No hitches that I see and some really cool new features for me. Things should look the same to you.

I started this post off by using one new feature, the Press This feature that allows me to reference another site and start blogging about it with the click of a link button on the browser bookmarks bar. Continue Reading…

Canal Concerts – Week 2

The second Lockport Canal Concert came off without any apparent hitches this past Friday. The weather, although somewhat cloudy, was kind to us and the attendance looked to be even better than the opener.

Blood, Sweat & Tears Rocks Lockport

If you are a Blood, Sweat and Tears fan, you got a great show. Rave about them all you want and I won’t disagree, but I still stand by my wish for some bands that are still currently writing new material, still evolving, not on a Greatest Hits Tour. There are plenty of musicians, nationally-known, that fit in that category. You’d think some would be available… Well, we’ll see a couple later in the season. Continue Reading…

Driving me crazy

I’ve been driving a stretch of Transit Road from Lockport to Williamsville/Amherst quite a lot lately. For the past two months, I’ve been chauffer/driving instructor to my 20-year old son, who got himself a summer job at a grocery store 15 miles from home.

Now, I had encouraged him to find a job. Unfortunately, that was the one that found him. He doesn’t have a drivers license, only a permit, so we’ve been using the drive as practice. He drives there, I drive home. I drive back later, when his shift is done, he drives home. It’s double mileage, double gas and almost two hours of my time each time he works, but I don’t mind. This post isn’t about that.

After driving this same stretch of road over and over for a while, I have noticed some annoying trends with the drivers I see on the road. Most, if not all of them stem from one simple thing: They are totally oblivious to anything other than their own self-centered concerns. Continue Reading…

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