I came across an article from the Orange County (Texas) Record with this interesting title: T.O. exiled to NFL’s Siberia (Buffalo)

And the players for the Vikings and in Green Bay are doing what? Sitting under palm trees, drinking pina coladas? Chicago is known as the windy city. What, a few Lake Effect snowflakes is worse those -20 windchills?

Once again Buffalo, where it’s been in the 40-50s more int the past two weeks than below 32, and flooding is more of a problem than drifting, we’re the victims again of this unjustified stereotype.

Look, football is a winter game. It’s best played outdoors, like a mailman, in sleet, snow, wind, rain and dark of night… Why do all the southern teams all have domes? The pansies. They have the nice weather and still can’t play without a roof over their heads! Texas thinks they know all about football, but they don’t know Buffalo. They’re obsessed with football, sure, with their colleges and high schools getting bigger stadiums than our pro teams, but they don’t know what makes football great. America’s Team, yeah, right.

There’s been a lot of talk about the T.O. deal. The tone of this whole article seems negative, though. Like they are just looking for negative things to say about Owens and anything to do with him. Buffalo is collateral damage.

For instance, the article says: When T.O. was spotlighted, the game films revealed that besides dropping way more passes that[sic] the other receivers, he also commanded double-coverage by the opponents much of the time.

Well, duh! That’s why Buffalo got him. If all he does all year is draw double-coverage and let Lee Evans enjoy single coverage, or take pressure off the running game, he’ll be worth his pay. And when he does catch a pass, well, look out. Of course, they’ll have to throw a few passes T.O.’s way or else his nose will get out of joint.

But historically, he’s had a pattern of playing great the first year he is on a team. It’s the second and later years he gets petulant. We’re getting the frosting, without the cake.