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Well, now that it’s over, I think I’ll say a word or two on the election.

I am so glad that Barack Obama won the election. I was afraid it was going to be closer that it was and that he was going to get robbed like Al Gore did.

But it didn’t happen that way and I think we’ve got a good chance at seeing some Change – the byword of his campaign, by the way – and I think it will be in a positive direction.

A message of Hope wins over Hate and Fear [seen on Twitter]

One of the things I like about Obama is he doesn’t seem to be caught up in the Old-Boy network of Washington Politics. Yes, he’s a Senator from Illinois, and he is adept at working in that framework, but he’s not afraid to go his own way. He seems to genuinely care about the people of this country, not just the rich and powerful ones, but all of them. Continue Reading…