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I’ve updated the WordPress program to version 2.6. No hitches that I see and some really cool new features for me. Things should look the same to you.

I started this post off by using one new feature, the Press This feature that allows me to reference another site and start blogging about it with the click of a link button on the browser bookmarks bar.

The automated update plugin worked again and made the whole process well, automatic. I wish it had told me there was an update for the plugin first though. What if it didn’t work due to an old version of the updater? Oh no, Mr. Bill! Well, it did work, except for the part at the end for the database conversion. That seemed to have a dead link, but when I went back to the main blog page, it informed me it wanted to convert the database and did it then. Maybe that’s what the new updater plugin version fixes?

Several other plugins were also marked as having updates and have been replaced with their latest versions. No big differences seen, probably just compatability with the new WP 2.6.

I was hoping to see an update on PodPress to fix the Firefox 3 problem with it, but no news on that yet.