Blogging 101 – Alan Bedenko – the “Buffalo Pundit”

Part 3 of the Blogging 101 conference. Alan Bedenko writer of the ‘Buffalo Pundit’ blog.

Blogging 101 – Christina Abt of Buffalo Style

Part 2 of the Blogging 101 audio. Christina Abt of Buffalo Style tells how she got started blogging.

Blogging 101

They said it was okay to do this at Blogging 101!
I went to a blogging seminar tonight. It was called “Blogging 101” and was hosted by and the Buffalo News.

Why? I already have a blog, or two, or more. What could I learn? Well, there’s no way to know, unless I go. Mostly, I wanted to meet other bloggers, some of whom, I already read. There’s nothing like networking.

They had an all-star panel to speak and take questions. Present were “Buffalo Geek” Chris Smith, Buffalo News Blogger Colin Dabkowski, “Buffalo Pundit” Alan Bedenko, “Fix Buffalo Today” David Torke, & “Buffalostyle” radio host Christina Abt. I cut and pasted that right from the announcement, so it better be right and get everyone! Continue Reading…

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