They said it was okay to do this at Blogging 101!
I went to a blogging seminar tonight. It was called “Blogging 101” and was hosted by and the Buffalo News.

Why? I already have a blog, or two, or more. What could I learn? Well, there’s no way to know, unless I go. Mostly, I wanted to meet other bloggers, some of whom, I already read. There’s nothing like networking.

They had an all-star panel to speak and take questions. Present were “Buffalo Geek” Chris Smith, Buffalo News Blogger Colin Dabkowski, “Buffalo Pundit” Alan Bedenko, “Fix Buffalo Today” David Torke, & “Buffalostyle” radio host Christina Abt. I cut and pasted that right from the announcement, so it better be right and get everyone!

The conference was hosted by Ben Kirst and Deanna Russo of

Of course, promoting the Your Hub blog site was part of the reason for the conference and in fairness, it is a great way for someone to get started blogging. Of course so are Blogger, MyOpera and even MySpace to some extent. The blogs at the Buffalo News were mentioned as well as a topic and example of how the paper is moving into the internet as well.

Another thing that maybe isn’t obvious at first, is the role of the blog reader. You don’t need your own blog to contribute. Each blog has the opportunity to add comments and that’s almost the most important unsung aspect of blogging as it creates a dialog between the poster and the audience.

I recorded the conference and will post the speakers as soon as I get them edited. Feel free to link to them or share them on your blog!