Phone calls from the vanishing point

We’ve been relying less and less on the traditional landline phone these days. Now that everyone in the family has their own cellphone, why shouldn’t calls be naturally routed to the specfic person? Most friends and family either have those numbers or know we almost never answer the regular phone unless we hear them leaving a message on the answering machine.

I make no apologies for the messages on the answering machine. Some of them have been borderline rude, but when people and/or companies insist on trying to defeat caller ID by blocking or disguising it, I’m not going to be nice to them. Real people are willing to say who they are trying to call and wait for us to answer. The majority of the calls we get don’t bother to leave a message.

It must be the phone we have, but it has an odd quirk. When a caller comes in from outside the local area, it can display the number, but not a name, so it calls them OUT OF AREA. My twisted sense of humor finds that hilarious, and I refer to them as spatially challenged callers. I can just envision the caller as being so remote, so minimized, that they no longer have a name, just a number and become dimensionless, reduced to a point. Continue Reading…


President Obama's new ride

You probably, like me, saw President Obama’s new limo during the inauguration coverage on TV. It was pretty impressive there, but they didn’t have much in the way of details.

Well, never fear, thanks to the folks at we got a peek into the technology inside Cadillac-One. Follow the link for full details. Continue Reading…

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